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Special Needs Schools 

Getting help

Your child may have to be placed in a special needs school, as conventional education may not suit them. Special needs schools are staffed by those who are passionate to provide support that children with disabilities need to live their live to the fullest

  • Aspect: Aspect provides a wide range of special needs schools throughout the country, staffed by experienced educators well versed in teaching and supervising children with autism. Locations include:

    • Central Coast

    • South Coast

    • Riverina

    • South East Sydney

    • Forestville

    • Western Sydney

    • Cobbitty


  • St Lucy (NSW): St Lucy is a special needs school that provides education to students with autism, intellectual and sensory impairments and other forms of disability. It is located in the suburb of Wahroonga, Sydney. Enrol at:

  • Schools in Victoria: Please refer to this website from the Victorian government -

  • Schools in Queensland: Autism Queensland School (Brighton, Sunnybank Hill, Edmonton)

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