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Treatment and Therapy

Getting help

Types of therapy:


Speech and Language Therapy: Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) engage with children with ASD through improving their verbal and non-verbal forms of communication

  • Occupational Therapy: Form of therapy that teaches children with autism a variety of skills necessary for daily living, such as independently eating, putting on clothes and socialisation.

  • Play Therapy: Children with ASD often play differently, and play therapy utilises children’s interest in play to improve their social and cognitive skills. Often, it involves therapists and parents joining in with playing, and teaching children through playing. For example, teaching a nonverbal child to vocalise the toy that they want to play

  • Applied Behavioural Analysis: A form of treatment that encourages children to make constructive choices, such as talking, self-management and listening to instructions through positive reinforcement. Typically ABA therapists teach parents how to conduct these therapies, allowing you an active participation in your child’s treatment.

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