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About Us

First Contact Autism was created due to the my personal experiences with autism. My brother was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, and I could recall how despondent my family felt when the diagnosis came back. Having no help at all was a horrible feeling, and it is only through years of experimentation and struggles that I was able to be acquainted to living with a child with autism.


The goal of FCA is to provide families who recently had a child diagnosed with autism or suspect that their child has autism with directions to services, support and funding available to them that they may not know about. Through this, it is FCA's sincere hope that one less person find themselves in the sensation of helplessness that our family felt. And if FCA was able to achieve that, it would've done its job.


Living with a child with autism would not be easy in many circumstances, but through adequate information to support services and the experiences of fellow parents, it would be a far easier road to traverse.

Therapy Session
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